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Fast and Efficient Algorithms in Computational Electromagnetics


W.C. Chew, J.M. Jin, E. Michielssen, J.M. Song, Eds.

(This book, over 900 pages was first published in 2001 by Artech House.)

The book provides the first comprehensive treatment of various fast integral equation solvers in both the frequency and the time domain. It covers the fast multipole method, the multilevel fast multipole algorithm, the plane-wave time-domain algorithm, as well as hyrbid methods between integral equation method, shooting and bouncing ray method with the finite element method.

In addition to the above topics, it covers parallelization of the multilevel fast multipole algorithm, error analysis of integral equation solvers, low-frequency methods for integral equations and acceleration techniques, perfectly matched layers for curvilinear coordinates, inverse scattering problems, mode matching for waveguiding structures, volume-surface integral equation, complex axisymmetric problems, higher-order methods, asymptotic waveform evalution, multilayer microstrip problems, steepest-descent fast multipole method, and many more.

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